New Client Checklist

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What to bring to your first appointment with us

-Social Security numbers and birth dates for everyone on the tax return. 
-Copies of prior year tax returns.  We like to see the 3 previous years
-If you are receiving a refund and want direct deposit - a voided check for the account you want to use
-All forms W2s series from your employers during the year
-All form 1099Rs from your pensions, annuities, IRAs and other retirement income and 1099-SSA from any social security income
-All other form 1099 series, bank interest, dividend income, investment income, stock sales, unemployment, miscellaneous income
-Any other gross income (including non-taxable) for which you did not receive a tax document
-Any Schedule K-1s if you have an interest in an S Corporation, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Trust or Estate.
-Gambling winnings (Form W2G) and losses
-Alimony amounts received or paid
-If you purchased or sold a home or any other real estate, we will need a copy of your HUD or Settlement Statement from the closing.
-If you own a rental property, please see the Rental and Royalty Income page of our tax organizer above
-If you own a business, please contact us directly
-Any student loan interest paid and higher education expenses.  You should receive tax forms from your college and loan servicer.
-Receipts for certain residential energy efficient home improvements
-Contributions to Traditional or Roth IRA accounts
-Child and dependent care expenses.  You will need the name, address and tax identification number of your provider.
-If you are able to itemize your deductions:
    -Medical and dental expenses
    -Real estate taxes paid on any and all properties
    -Excise taxes paid on cars, boats, etc
    -Charitable contributions made by cash or check
    -Receipts for non-cash charitable contributions such as clothes or household items
    -Any unreimbursed work expenses.
    -Job hunting expenses
-Records for any federal and/or state estimated income tax payments you may have made

The above checklist notes more common tax items and is not intended to be exhaustive.  During your meeting we may ask for additional information and may inform you of additional deductions and tax credits you may be entitled to.