Certified Public Accountants:

•Have college degrees (150 college credit hours)

•Pass the Uniform CPA Exam (4 parts, 14 hours)

•Have a commitment to a Code of Ethics

•Must complete 80 hours of continuing education every two years

•Offer assistance and peace of mind all year long

•Experience, knowledge and rigorous qualification to address your most important tax needs and concerns

Why should I Hire a CPA to do my taxes when there is a "Registered Tax Preparer" that can do my taxes for a lesser fee?

Buyer Beware!

ALL tax preparers – anyone who prepares a tax return for a fee – must now have a PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number) issued by the Internal Revenue Service.  In accordance with these PTIN regulations, preparers have to either pass a test and keep up with continuing education, or fall into one of the exempt categories (such as CPAs who have rigorous licensing and much higher education requirements).

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An unlicensed tax preparer:

• Has to pass only a basic IRS Exam (on 1040 individual returns only)

• Only has to have 15 hours per year of continuing education

•“Registered Tax Preparer” does not mean a minimum level of education or experience