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Another tax season is almost here!

2017 Individual Tax Organizers will be mailed out to our clients at the beginning of January.

For an appointment please call or use the Contact Us tab.  We always welcome new clients.

Why should I hire a CPA to do my taxes when there is a "Registered Tax Preparer" that can do my taxes for a lesser fee?

NEW CLIENTSWhat to bring to your first appointment with us

You may also download our Tax Organizers for 2017 tax year:
    Federal tax organizer
    Massachusetts residents information
    New Hampshire residents information
The tax organizer is meant to serve as a checklist to ensure you
do not forget to include any of your tax documents.  Every page
need not be filled out in detail.  Please review the questions to see
if any apply to you, as these alert us to additional deductions and tax
credits you may be eligible for.  Enclose ALL tax forms received for 2017 in their entirety.

Secure file transfer through LeapFILE - Send us your tax information securely with encryption.  Please use PDF format for any scanned documents.

Tax Season 2018